Art & 3D Blue Christmas Christmas Time Is Here

Aloha and Welcome!
Home of Artist and Musician, Darrell Grindstaff

2022 is here and I feel fortunate and grateful to God to have made it this far. I feel so terribly sorry for the staggering number of people who have lost loved ones over the past two years and are now struggling with grief and sorrow as this, seemingly, relentless pandemic drags on and on. Life in the islands is upside-down—same as elsewhere. Hundreds, maybe thousands of businesses have closed—each one representing someone’s American dream. Along with those lost businesses, thousands have lost their jobs.

I certainly don’t know what this new year will bring but I truly believe it’s a great time to put your faith in Jesus Christ. Those who do might still experience tragedy, loss, pain and sorrow but in this world of upheaval, His love is the only solid foundation and His faithfulness is unshakable.

In 2022 I wish you Life!

Aloha, DG